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We, two best friends began replacing parts in computers and problem solving software issues many-many years ago. At the time we were at a stage in our lives where we just wanted to learn more about computers. Buying broken computers and repairing them was our new found hobby. We salvaged many units and brought them back to life, during this process our knowledge of computers grew from strength to strength. We started with basic PC’s then corporate machines. We then ventured out into the world of networking and Mac computers. It all started in London and now we are a nationwide organization. We have partnered with several other very established organization across the country and wherever we cannot deliver we will ensure you will have an experienced and qualified technician to assist you. We started out just helping friends and family with hard/software issues around 15 years ago. Slowly our own skills and experience have developed immensely. 2016 was the year we began to sell our services to people and small companies. We now have a team of five ICT experts who deliver our services at a very high standard. We aim to continue growing and supporting clients with their ICT issues. We tailor each of our services to cater for the client’s specific needs, complement existing IT departments as well as controlling the complete IT infrastructure and policies for companies without an onsite IT presence. We’ve made quality of service the primordial essence of our consultant’s performance, professionalism, dedication, attention-to- detail and regular reporting to customer’s management Our policy dictates that our quality of expertise must always be privileged over the quantity of deliveries. Whatever the level of complexity and the structure of the organization, we deliver an unrivalled personal and friendly service, building strong relationships that allow our clients to interact with us as part of their team as opposed to an outsourced company. This is mainly achieved by offering an extremely high level of quality and professionalism as well as service with a smile. ICT Genius offers a wide range of products and services built around the IT industry, so whatever your requirement you can be sure we will be able to guide you to the correct solution!

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Deciding between a Mac or a PC is largely based on personal preference. When comparing the Windows 7 and Snow Leopard operating systems, both systems are excellent. The Mac is known for offering a simple and sleek design with few software compatibility issues, but it is more costly than the PC. The PC, on the other hand, offers a greater variety of software options and 90% of computer users use a PC. It should also be noted that Macs are just as susceptible to virus attacks as PCs, but there are more viruses created for PCs than there are for Macs. To learn more about the Macs versus PCs, read the Should I Buy a Mac or PC blog post.
ANSWER A home network is a group of computers, printers and other devices that are connected together with wires or wireless, allowing different users to exchange information and share hardware, software and Internet connections. If you own multiple computers, you may want to: - Use a single Internet connection on different computers at the same time - Share a single printer between different computers - Share files such as images, music, movies and documents between computers in the network - Play games that allow multiple players at different computers
Yes. Backing up your computer files is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to protect all of the information you have stored on your computer. Although it is sometimes possible to restore data files that have been lost or corrupted, there are times when files cannot be recovered unless they have been properly backed up. Read "5 Reasons to Backup Your Computer Data Files" to learn more.
Obviously, you will want to contact a computer technician to take care of any problems with your computer that you have no idea how to handle. But, there are other situations when it is best to obtain the services of a professional as well, even if you think you might have an idea of how to handle the situation. For example, if you have lost files or if your system has crashed, you risk causing even more damage to your computer when you try to troubleshoot the problem yourself. To learn more read "Recognizing When It's Time to Hire a Computer Repair Technician" on my New Jersey Computer Repair Blog.
Since a virus is technically an unwelcome software program that is installed on your computer, the way it affects your computer will vary depending upon the virus program as well as your operating system. In fact, if the virus is very well programmed, you may not notice any signs of infection at all. Furthermore, some of the signs that are commonly associated with a virus infection may actually be caused by something else. Still, some of the signs that are most commonly associated with a virus include:
  • Your computer starts running more slowly than usual
  • Your computer stops responding to you or starts "locking up"
  • You start receiving unusual error messages
In short, your computer simply stops acting normal. To view a more complete list, read "10 Signs Your Computer Has a Virus".
The simple answer to this question is "yes." Although you may feel as if you are invading your child's privacy, monitoring what he or she does on the computer and maintaining an open dialogue about safe computer usages is essential to keeping your child protected. Read "5 Reasons to Monitor Your Child's Computer Activity" to learn more about why responsible parenting involves monitoring your child's activity.


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